TRACOpress Flexible Pneumatic

Pneumatic Lifting Bags and Elastomer Engineering Quality and Reliability since 1979

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TRACOpress Lifting Bag

TRACOpress POWERcushions are special lifting bags working as maschine- and assembling-elements. Warranty as to specs. up to 2 Mio. strokes within 2 years. A continuously working pressure over the whole surface of contact at narrow gaps and high lifting power are leading to significant cost savings and improved efficiency.Continue

Flow Stopper, Packer

Flow stopper in sewage

Gas, water, chemicals, hydrocarbon etc.: We are providing flexible solutions regarding all fluids to be cut off. With bypass or without, shapes: cylindric, T or V, diameter up to 2.500 mm, this heading also is covering leak sealings, test stoppers for manholes, inflatable taps.Continue

POWERbox Machine Elements

TRACOpress POWERbox are ready-to-use machine elements working with TRACOpress POWERcushions = compressed-air lifting bags. Their standardized stroke is 5 mm. They can replace pneumatic cylinders and especially short-stroke-cylinders.continue



Flexible Tanks and Conveyors

Big tanks

Flexible tanks provide capacities up to giantic 600 m³. They are covering the demand for mobile or stationary tanking requirements for civil and military purpose. Their applications will be found in a wide variance of fluids and gases like water, salty water, sewage water, hydrocarbons, chemicals, powder.Continue

Lifting Bag "Heavy Duty"

Pneumatic lifting bags with aramid(KEVLAR)-reinforcement. 8 bar. 22 mm feed-in-height only for all dimensions. Working power up to 65 tons and more. Application: industry, rescue, heavy loads. 10 bar possible.Continue

Marinetechnology and Offshore

Marinetechnology means buoyancy devices, submarine-balloons and -lifting bags, collecting balloons, flex. gasreservoirs, inflatable drainage cors, anti-pollution booms, etc. Our offshore-products will meet extremely requirements regarding material and resistancy. Mutual R&D-efforts together with the users are targeting High-Tech solutions.Continue


Elastomer Engineering means our competence: Flexible pneumatics with inflatable components. They are made of elastomer combined with special rubber. Engineering, special design, different shapes, high pressure etc. are meeting lots of applications. Special: Engineering office for rolling mills and mechanical engineering.Continue

Novelties, Others

TRACOpress POWERcushion: Protection of edges and against abrasion: Increase of lifetime up to 70%! Reduction of abrasion.

TRACOpress POWERcushion: Type HR for new width 412,5 mm only: "HR" (high resistancy) = Special material used for offshore for more rough surfaces.Continue

Flexible pneumatics with inflatable components


What does it mean? High density combinations made of special elastomer fabric with exactly defined rubber are designed for their target applications. They will be inflated with compressed-air, water or gas like pneumatic- or fluid-cylinders. Long term experience in manufacturing and application are leading to an expertise we are glad to provide to our customers. 

Pneumatic lifting bags "Heavy Duty", inflatable lifting cushions, airbags, flow stoppers/packers, flexible tanks, products designed for offshore and marine technology and special design acc. to customer's requirements are fulfilling different jobs. Thanks to our expertise and experience we are in the position to make proposals finding out the right solution for your problem. Altogether, our products are made of the actually highest quality of material and precise manufacturing technology. As an example our TRACOpress POWERcushions = compressed-air lifting bags are granting a warranty time up to 2 years with 2 mio. strokes depending on the specs. That is why they are used as machine elements for industrial applications.

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Used golf balls (lakeballs), direct from the diver

We are in the position to arrange contacts to a diver "harvesting" golf balls out of the pools of the golf course. He is cleaning them manually very carefully and sorting them in 3 categories: AAA, AA and A.

"AAA" means highest quality, nearly as new; "AA" extremely clean and "A" clean and ready for use. The pictures are showing examples of category "AAA".