Elastomer Engineering

Flexible Pneumatics due to customer's requirements and specialities

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On a glance

New Ideas By Flexible Pneumatic With Inflatable Elements

No limitation to your engineering creativity

All product groups are open to specific design due to customer's requirements. The Flexible Pneumatic with inflatable elements is headline also for Elastomer Engineering. Contrary to fixed elements made of metal or plastics, our elements are very adaptable to different situations and are moreover lightweight, foldable and easy to move.

Ideas for lean-production considerations

"Lean-production" does not only mean to reduce the costs but also to improve the working situation and the work flow. Already our standard products are bearing lots of potential ideas for the user. But creative minded engineers will not be satisfiedwith this only. Their thoughts could be actuated by the potential possibilities of this kind of technology and our help to assist. Please ask for our presentation or more detailed information according to your requirementscontact. For your technical data required please use our questionnaires. Then we will be in a position to quote you exactly due to your demands.

• Questionnaire lifting bags/cushions

• Questionnaire flow stoppers


Lifting, tipping
Squeezing, Pressing