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Repair of coiler shaft
(above: previous situation, underthere: afterwards)

Description of service

 Besides our "Elastomer Engineering" activities we are cooperating with an engineering office specialised on steelworks and rolling mills as well as on mechanical engineering. Problem solutions on slitting lines were the reason to start with the implementation of beltbrakes equipped with POWERcushions leading to smart solutions for costreductions and increased performance. This very early begin in 1979 led to a vast range of applications meanwhile covering the whole industry and public demand as well as R&D-institutes (i.e. Fraunhofer, Max-Planck), universities, etc. Please have a glance on the pics. and sketches below showing some TRACOpress POWERcushion applications.

This a.m. engineering office is operating worlwide providing service on industrial erection, disassembly as well as repair, reconstruction, modernisation, maintenance and commissioning works in high quality and reliability.

The business area includes charging from the mechanical erection including all appropriate pipings up to the complete engineer technical commissioning at production plants of the steel-, iron- and non-ferrous-industry. Complete projects, cooperations as well as the provision of individual personnel  leading includes the service offering. The customers are ranging from plant engineering and construction, plant operator, construction- and engineer-office, electrics, automation, robot equipment, etc.

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Application examples in steelworks and rolling mills:



Type TSH aramid-wrapped
POWERcushion for beltbrake 248x1.960
2 POWERcushions type TSV, 2 sockets
POWERbox beltbrake
Beltbrake in rolling mill