Lifting bag HD

Lifting bags "Heavy Duty" for industrial use and rescue purpose - The alternative to: Hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, short-stroke cylinders

Lifting bag CLT 8 bar Aramid reinforced
Lifting bag - Lifting of heavy fork lift
Platform Lifting Bag CPF 10 bar

Lifting Bags: Special pneumatic products

Lifting bags (also named lifting cushion, aircushion, airbag) are pneumatic elements which can be inflated with compressed air, water or other fluids while they are pressing against a resistant bottom and top. Due to size, stroke and pressure they are setting free huge lifting power in extremely narrow gaps.

Our "Heavy Duty" lifting bags are consisting of several layers of fabric and rubber being "cooked" in a hot vulcanisation process targeting extreme resistance and rough working conditions. The contacting layer of the lifting bag is reinforced with aramid/KEVLAR-fabric. The thickness of our lifting bags is limited to 22 mm for the whole product range up to dimension CLT 65 = 920 x 920 mm. The former execution of lifting bags with steelcord-reinforcement has been too heavy and could break, so they will no more be used normally.

 For more detailed information please click: Lifting Bags CLT 8 bar or Platform Lifting Bags CPF 10 bar.

The graving advantages of the relatively light-weight aramid-reinforced lifting bags are basing on their ability to be put into extremely narrow gaps realising huge lifting power. Their product range from 150 x 150 up to 920 x 920 will lead to a lifting power up to 65 tons at 8 bar of pressure, or 85 tons with CPF 10 bar. Pleas recognise, that the highest power will be reached at low travels of stroke. The more the stroke will increase, the less the power will be reduced. This is depending on the so called "working surface" which will be reduced with increasing stroke. Platform cushions CPF have defined flat area remaining on the surface of the cushion.

Industry, governmental users and rescue organisations like fire brigades, technical support organisations or defence are using lifting bags to free victims who had been jammed or to straight again vehicles which fell over. Industrial applications of lifting bags are covering the mounting of heavy machines up to the lifting of bridges.

Within our lifting bag technology also special designs are available. So you can choose for other dimensions, higher pressure, different shapes or higher temperature resistance. Please use our questionnaire for inquiries/orders to get a technical quotation according to your demands.

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