Lifting Bags Reinforced With Aramid (KEVLAR)

Pure Power up to 65 tons - flatness of 22 mm only

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2 CLT19 lifting bags connected with control panel


TRACO also is supplying aramid(KEVLAR)-reinforced lifting bags type CLT "Heavy Duty". The quality management is certified acc. to ISO 9001. A long term experience in manufacturing and application is provided.

The new generation "22 mm" with non-slip surface can be used up to 8 bar (special = 10 bar) of working pressure, tested at 12 bar. Tremendous power up to 65 tons will be reached, depending on stroke, pressure and dimension. Strokes up to 515 mm. In 2-stage execution these values are to be doubled (max. 2 stages!) see our assembly instructions).

CLT lifting bags are designed to be lightweight and compact. The built-in thickness of 22 mm is covering the total product range up to CLT 65. This will be ideal to be put into extremely narrow gaps. The smallest cushion 150 x 150 mm is weighing 0,7 kgs only, the biggest one 920 x 920 mm = 19,5 kgs. CLT 54 and CLT 65 are equipped with carrying loops.

The autolock coupler system leads to a fast connection with automatic double locking. So several lifting bags can be operated by one person. Air as well as water can be used as inflating medium. Design and production methods are assuring long life-time under high loads. Some useful accessories will be helpful to the worker. Please consider our assembly instructions.

Nearly all branches can use them:

Fire brigades and rescue, ships and wharfs, cranes, aircrafts, special lorries, automotive, mining, quarry, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, power plants, glass industry, underground engineering, bridge construction, miltary, railway, transportation, wrecking service, machine tools, conveying, maintenance, assembling and repair, recycling, etc.

Also a wide range of applications will be covered:

Lifting of heavy loads, pressing, powerful expanding, equipment for firebrigades and rescue, aligning and centering, stabilizing, damping of vibrations, etc.

As we are specialist for Elastomer Engineering, please also ask for special execution and design: Other shapes and dimensions, higher pressure, higher temperature, etc.

Technical Data (fix for all dimensions: Pressure max. 8 bar, thickness 22 mm, temp. up to 80°C):

type          max. power*   max. stroke               dimensions          weight

CLT 1             1                    90,0 mm                 150 x 150 mm         0,7 kgs
CLT 3             3                   115,0 mm                200 x 200 mm         1,3 kgs
CLT 6             6                   175,0 mm                300 x 300 mm         2,2 kgs
CLT10          10                   220,0 mm                380 x 380 mm         3,4 kgs
CLT14          14                   245,0 mm                420 x 420 mm         4,1 kgs
CLT19          19                   295,0 mm                510 x 510 mm         6,0 kgs
CLT24          24                   320,0 mm                560 x 560 mm         7,0 kgs
CLT24L        24                   215,0 mm                320 x 1.000 mm      7,5 kgs
CLT30          30                   345,0 mm                620 x 620 mm         8,5 kgs
CLT43          43                   410,0 mm                750 x 750 mm       12,5 kgs
CLT54**     54                    465,0 mm                840 x 840 mm       16,5 kgs
CLT65**     65                    515,0 mm                920 x 920 mm       19,5 kgs

*The higher the stroke, the lower the power, the lower the stroke, the higher the power.
**With handling loops

• PDF Technical description

• PDF Performance diagram CLT 01 - 19

• PDF Performance diagram CLT 24 - 65

• PDF Assembly instruction

• Questionnaire for inquiries/orders

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