Lifting Bags: Special Design

A great deal of possibilities - limitations only by physics and technology

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60-tons-tank, 2 bags of each 1.800 x 2.000 mm, stroke: 1.000 mm

Pure power for special applications

Besides our standard lifting bags CLT 1 - CLT 65, special requirements can be fulfilled due to customer's specs (<< see form). There is a vast variety of individual designs for industrial and public demand. Useful solutions for excavations (see pics. below), technical challenges in industry and science (colleges, universities, laboratories, institutes): Very often we can help due to our knowledge and experience. This may cover high stress, big or individual dimensions, higher temperature, special pressure/power - considering the limitations of the materials elastomer/rubber and physics.

 Please ask for additional


• Customer's specification for special requirements


An example of the high working power of lifting bags is shown by the following PDF. A tank of 60-tons of weight has to be lifted by 1.000 mm:


• PDF Military tank page 1

• PDF Military tank page 2

Aircraft lifting bag
High performance cushion
Car lifting 0,5 bar, up to 5 tons
"Smartshore" Excavation secure
"Smartshore" Inflatable trench shoring