Platform lifting bags Type CPF, 10 bar

Heavy Duty lifting bags with flat contact surface

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Platform cushion, 3 x stackable, up to 500 mm stroke

Uniform lifting of heavy loads

With a cushion thickness of only 25 mm when empty, the CPF Platform Lifting Cushions are suitable for effortless lifting of particularly heavy loads in tight installation conditions. A predefined, fixed surface serves as a platform for special applications. At this surface, the cushion does not expand any further, so it remains flat there. A working pressure of up to 10 bar develops gigantic forces of up to 85 tons with the largest dimension of 920 x 920 mm. These very compact lifting bags can therefore be handled excellently with relatively low weights. The loops attached to each Platform Lifting Bag make this even easier.

The stackability of up to 3 cushions guarnatees safe and even lifting of up to 500 mm. There are possible combinations with other lifting systems, e.g. with 8-bar-lifting bags.



Platform Lifting Bags - Technical Data
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