Lifting Bags

No space for cylinders? The alternatives: TRACOpress Lifting Cushions and Lifting Bags "Heavy Duty"

Continuously working pressure over the whole surface • narrow gaps • short strokes • high power • light weight • surface protective

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POWERbox and POWERcushion type TSV/TSH
Lifting bag "Heavy duty" - lifting heavy block of concrete

TRACOpress Lifting Cushions and Lifting Bags "Heavy Duty"

TRACOpress POWERcushion


TRACOpress ECOcushion

TRACOpress VTR ultra-flat

Special executions

Lifting bags

In general:

Inflatable lifting bags only require small gaps from 2,5 mm (type VTR) up to 22 mm (lifting bags "Heavy Duty") for their economical use generating high power at small strokes. Their special advantage is a continuously working pressure over the whole working surface. Nearly all industrial branches and many public users are finding applications for TRACOpress POWERcushions, ultra-flat VTR-cushions and lifting bags "Heavy Duty". Special vulcanized cushions can be used up to a temperature of 140°C.

The product range of POWERbox consists of finally assembled machine elements on the basis of TRACOpress POWERcushions.

Application examples of lifting bag technology:

Lifting, pressing, spreading, calendering, squeezing, clamping, grabbing, breaking, sliding, moving, aligning, centering, damping, fixing, cutting, stabilising, etc.

Branches already using lifting bags:

Steel industry, rolling mills, wharfs and shipyards, airplane construction, cranes and lifting technology, cutting m/c, archeology, offshore- and marine-technology, power plants, environment protection, machine construction, special m/c, laser m/c, watercutting m/c, industrial roboter systems, food industry, mouldings, glass industry, paper industry, sheet metal working (iron and non-ferrous), vehicle construction, conveying technology, medical devices, railroad track, pipelines, underground engineering, assembling, service, maintenance, fire brigades, rescue, military use, etc.


POWERcushion with Aramid
POWERbox pneumatic brake
Liftingbag 0,5 bar
Liftingbag 8 bar
High performance