Special Executions

Taylor made due to customer's specifications

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TSH made for aircraft production

Vast variety regarding dimensions, applications, shapes, positions of stems, performance data etc.

TRACOpress POWERcushions themselves are not only flexible, but also will fit to a diversity of situations and applications. Above this we can provide proposals for special solutions due to our long term experience. This can be done as a small project together with your inquiry or as an engineeringproject at usual costs.

 Please also recognize TRACOpress POWERbox as fully assembled machine element on the basis of TRACOpress POWERcushions. They can be manufactured in different variances or due to customer's specs.

Following you will find some pictures of special executions:



Bent cushion
Multi-segment cushion
TSH tandem G 1/2"
TSH PU-wrapped
TSH aramid-wrapped
TSV, 3 sockets
TSV/TSH for vibrated concrete
TSV for beltbrake
Beltbrake (POWERbox)
Brake (POWERbox)
Rolling brake (POWERbox)
Tooling exchange device