TRACOpress ECOcushion

High performance lifting bags for industrial applications.

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TRACOpress ECOcushions: Widths from 33 mm to 325 mm

TRACO has been offering the market TRACOpress ECOcushions with stainless steel clamping plates and stainless steel- or brass-valve sockets since many years. This product group became more and more important as machine elements worldwide. In addition to ECOcushions, we also supply for special demands TRACOpress-VTRcushion ULTRAFLAT and hot vulcanised lifting bags VULCANcushion (see Engineering). Together with Lifting Bags "Heavy Duty" TRACO is providing a wide range range of applications for narrow gaps and high lifting power.

The following characteristics apply to TRACOpress ECOcushions:


• Excellent price-/performance ratio.

• Valve sockets made of brass or stainless steel on request.

• Sockets vertical and/or horizontal acc. to customer specs.

• Clamping plates made of stainless steel.

• Bent clamping plates from 85 mm width for better distribution of tensile forces.

• Additional pull-out protection of hose material by defined excess at the clamping plate's ends.

• Cushion widths 33 mm - 325 mm, lengths acc. to customer specs.

• Very low built-in height from 9 mm only.

• Range of temperature: - 35 up to + 100 °C.

• Up to 8 bar working pressure in small widths, see data sheet.

• High performance with special execution "HD".

• Individual leak test for each cushion.

• CE mark.


With the very small cushion widths of 33 mm and 44 mm we meet the demand to offer mini lifting bags for pneumatic grippers, lifting elements, etc. in machines, robotics or medical technology.


Please use our questionnaire for your inquiries, so that we can make you a tailor-made offer. In our drawing for stem assembly you will find the installation dimensions and wrench widths of the sockets M5, G 1/8", G 1/4" and G 1/2" in brass and stainless steel. Others on request.

We also would be pleased to determine the lifting power for you. Please tell us the dimensions, the working stroke and the working pressure.

Please click for the following PDF-detail information like technical data and assembly instruction:


 • Questionnaire technical data for inquiries/orders

• Assembly advice

Technical data sheet standard 33 - 204 mm

• Technical data sheet "HD" 165 - 320 mm

• Variation of sockets

• Drawing for stem assembly

• Pictures of application





Mini, only 33 mm wide
ESH with drawbar eyes
ESH with special valve
Stainless valve socket horizontal and vertical
ESH with brass hose connection
Stainless steel, detail valve, horizontal and vertical
ESV, vertical with brass threaded socket
ESV, vertical, with 2 brass sockets
CE mark
Valve sockets, standard
Test, each cushion