TRACOpress ECOcushion

Low cost design at lower performance

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TRACOpress ECOcushions widths 33 - 320 mm

Following the market's requirements TRACO is providing a low cost execution of lifting bags called TRACOpress ECOcushions. They are focusing applications where a less performance but TRACOpress POWERcushions will be enough, i.e. temporarily use only, not thousands of strokes. By this reason the warranty is strictly limited. Some data:

Widths 34 - 320 mm, lengths due to customer's specs.

Sockets made of brass or stainless steel.

CE marking.

Low cost.

Please consider the extremely small width of 34 and 44 mm suitable for pneumatic gripping device for machines, robots or medical technology.

If required we are in the position to calculate the lifting power for you depending on dimension, stroke, pressure.

Please click for the following PDF-detail information like technical data and assembling instruction:


• Assembly advice

Technical data standard 33 - 204 mm

• Technical data "HD" 165 - 320 mm

• Variation of sockets



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