TRACOpress Lifting Bag

Pneumatic short-stroke-cylinders for industrial use, warranty up to 2 mio. strokes within 2 years.

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TRACOpress Lifting Bag - TSV vertical stem
TRACOpress Lifting Bag - TSH horizontal stem

TRACOpress lifting bags are machine- and assembling-elements for professional use on lean production considerations


TRACOpress Lifting Bags (also named: compressed-air bags, air bags, air cushions, lifting cushions) are made of a combination of elastomer fabric and high-tech rubber. Clamping plates made of steel or stainless steel are sealing the ends of the bags.

TRACOpress Lifting Bags will bring a lot of costreducing solutions. Innovation minded engineers will find out the vast varietyof applications to improve contribution, quality and precision of products and production equipment.

TRACOpress Lifting Bags are established on the domestic market since 1979 and have been selling exceedingly well ever since. It's superior quality is the result of high-grade material combined with skilled manufacturing methods. Increasing exports Europe- and worldwide are consequences of the reliability of this product.

The purpose of TRACOpress Lifting Bags is to operate as machine- or assembling elements of high reliability and long life time in a continuous working process requiring substantial quality control. They are acting similar to pneumatic cylinders or plungers. TRACOpress Lifting Bags are mainly used where short travels of stroke are combined with high power and where minimal gaps are available only. Thanks to the material fabric/rubber they are treating sensitive surfaces with care. Resulting from offshore necessities a special material for width 412,5 mm has to be developped to withstand a rougher surface of material in contact. This is named "HR" (high robustness) and could be ordered for similar use, too, but limited to width 412,5 mm only. See: New

The main advantage is the continuously working pressure over the whole working surface as opposed to the point pressure of conventional pneumatic cylinders. That means slighter bending, lower material- and manufacturing-costs of the machine's design due to the small built-in sizes and remarkable reduced weights. There are 2 types available:

TSV = vertical valve socket

TSH = horizontal valve socket

The widths are ranking between 34 and 412,5 mm; lengths and positions of sockets are due to customer's specs.

TRACOpress Lifting Bags only need a gap of 15 - 18 mm in the normal execution, or 6 - 8 mm if the clamping plates are placed outside of the working region (our special thin product ULTRAflat type VTR requires 2,5 mm only!). The working pressure must not exceed 6 bar. The ambient temperature is limited to 60°C, higher temperatures on request. Alternatively vulcanized lifting bags can resist temperatures up to 140°C. They are also providing explosion protection as no steel clamping plates are necessary to tighten the cushion.

Thanks to the special manufacturing process and a special fixing, TRACOpress Lifting Bags are tight and durable. Tremendous power of up to 50 tons will not lead to wear and tear or leakage if handled due to our assembling instructions. Please consider, that compressed-air as energy is the most expensive one. This cost factor can be reduced significantly by using TRACOpress Lifting Bags!

The very simple assembling with TRACOpress POWERcushions brings direct cost savings. Only some holes in the tie beams, between which the cushion is located, have to be considered to have a throughfeed for the sockets or valves. Some space for the hoses or tubes and their joints have to be left, too.

TRACOpress POWERcushions are free of after-service-duties, very light, rollable and can be worn in bags and suitcases for service purpose. They can be wrapped with special materials like aramid fabric or protection foils due to application requirements.

Value analysis and Lean Producton will be strongly related to the use of TRACOpess Lifting Bags. They will bring high improvement to your price/performance-ratio for super-flat built-in dimensions with short strokes and high power.

Please click for the following PDF-detail information like technical data and assembling instructions:


• Questionnaire for inquiry/order

• Technical specification

• Advantages

• Table of technical data

• Application examples

• Assembly instruction TSV

• Assembly instruction TSH

• Positions of socket TSH

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Lifting Bag TSV/TSH
Lifting Bag TSH, Rolling adjustment
Lifting Bag TSH, bent clampingplates
Lifting Bag TSV, multi segment
Lifting Bag TSH 412,5 "HR" G1/4"a
Lifting Bag TSH, edge protection
Lifting Bag TSH, PU-wrapped
Lifting Bag TSH, aramid-wrapped, used in rolling mills
Lifting Bag TSV, stainless steel plates, aramid-wrapped
Lifting Bag TSH, elongated clamping plates