TRACOpress ULTRAflat VTR-lifting bags

Just 2,5 mm thin = up to 3,5 bar - just 3,5 mm thin = up to 5 bar working pressure

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Application between coil layers for power transformers

TRACOpress ULTRAflat VTR-cushion for gaps from 2,5 mm

Originally designed for coils in power transformers, VTR ULTRflat cushions now have found markets in a broad range of industrial applications using the advantage of extremely flat buit-in dimensions.

What was the idea? For power transformers a pneumatic system for coil sizing is a much better method to use, than the traditional one to drive wedges into the coil. VTR ULTRAflat cushions are slipped between the windings and are then inflated, gently lifting the coil, thus allowing the insertion of spacers. This is reducing stress and damage to the coil insulation. Also time reduction and cost savings.

Please compare to our technical specs. (PDF below) showing the details of use, but just reduced to coils of the power transformer application, more information on request.

Other branches are requiring other technical solutions. So we can provide to you individual shapes and dimensions in ultra-flat execution, too: Beside the traditional shape as trapezoid, we also can supply rectangular and square shapes. The sockets could be placed due to customer's requirements.

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PDF regarding VTR:





VTR rectangular
VTR rectangular
VTR ultra-flat 2,5 mm
VTR 33 x 120 mm
VTR trapezoid for trafo