TRACOpress VULCANcushion

Vulcanised Lifting Bags Type "HP" for High Efficiency

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Some examples
Type "HP"
Special stem, flat on cushion

The Multitude of Possibilities

 Thanks to their production process by hot vulcanizing in autoclaves, VULCANcushions offer almost innumerable possibilities of adaption to the most varied demands. This applies to shapes, pressures, dimensions or temperatures.

High-quality fabrics form the base for the finishing with NBR- or SBR-rubber.

Their advantages over compressed air cushions, which are sealed with clamping plates (ECOcushion and POWERcushion), lie in this variety but also in other technical features. They can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C, and as a special product even up to 140°C. As high-pressure cushion, the type "HP" can be inflated with up to 7 bar working pressure. As they are vulcanised all around, they can be used in areas where explosion protection is mandatory.

In addition, all the features described under "Lifting bags" apply.

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