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Submarine balloons lifting tubes or pillars
Offshore applications
Variety of submarine applications
Underwater lifter
Oil boom
Drainage cores
Collecting balloons
Lifting balloons
Flexible gastank
Floatation body RDF

1. Submarine operation

Submarine lifting bags are perfectly fitted to resist against the problems of underwater-work (pressure, salty water) and also difficult climatic conditions like cold, heat, UV-rays, etc. RDF floatation bodies are used to lift heavy loads under water. The buoyancy forces range from 100 kg up to 8.000 kg in the standard range, special designs are possible. They are also used for the buoyancy of systems in the cooling basins of nuclear power plants or in salvage operations.

Oilbooms are stopping and retaining all types of accidental marine spills. They are separating oil or chemicals on the surfaces of sea, rivers, creeks and lakes. Environmental protection devices like ships and vehicles as well as firebrigades and rescue organisations are mostly equipped with these items.

Inflatable drainage cores or spill barriers filled with water or sand are designed to channel dangerous liquids to avoid environmental pollution on land, shore or banks. Supplementary to this in many cases flexible tanks will be used to store the waste water or other liquids. Also flexible gastanks could be required, if gas leaks should occur.

Lifting balloons are used everywhere in connection with deep water on sea, in harbours or rivers. They can lift heavy objects like tubes for pipelines, shipwrecks, archeological parts like pillars or other artefacts with smoothly handling, but with high buoyancy power. Our specialists are prepared to cooperate with the users to find out individual problem

Pipe stopper
Rip out diaphragm

2. Offshore

High demands resulting from salty water, weather conditions, different temperatures of air and water, chemical reactions with materials in contact, mechanical attacks by friction and precise parts and skilled mounting are requiring special products and long term experience. Our factory is providing both, as already working on this branch since many years as one of the world market leaders.  Customer designed products are normal due to the experience of manufacturing similar products also for heavy machinery, conventional and nuclear power plants and environmen technology as well as for military purpose.

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