Information regarding novelties from TRACOpress Flexible Pneumatic

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TSH with edge- and abrasion-protection

Edge- and abrasion-protection for POWERcushions

Edge-protection: Between the clamping plates of TRACOpress POWERcushions a strip of a special material is mounted. The scope is to distribute and absorbe the power working on the clamping plates. This power is increasing with high pressure, big strokes and steady stress with many strokes. We measured longer working times up to 70 %. The thickness of clamping plates then will increase for 1,5 mm.

 Abrasion-protection: The POWERcushion can be equipped with a sheet of abrasion resistant material. In addition a Velcro-fastening may connect the cushion with the inner side of the

New width of 412,5 mm type "HR"

2 TSH-cushions "HR" each 412,5 x 2.500 mm, G 1/4" male

 The width 412,5 mm of TRACOpress POWERcushion also can be manufactured with a special material and then will be marked type "HR". "HR" means "high robustness" and has been designed for offshore purpose. It is available for this width only. It resists rougher surfaces like rolling skin, slab skin, sawed wood, offshore applications, etc. Very sharp edges, points, burrs, etc. are still subjects of taboo! Please communicate your application with

Special wrappings


TRACOpress POWERcushions can be made due to special requirements against higher temperature (short time), pollution, corrosion or other environmental problems, for instance foodindustry, steel works, rolling mills, etc. That means metallic parts made of stainless steel, galvanized clamping plates, wrappings against pollution or others. The pics. are showing some examples only, we are prepared to follow your

Extremely flat lifting bags

 These ultra-flat lifting bags of type VTR are requiring feed-in gaps of 2,5 mm (up to 3,5 bar) and 3,5 mm (up to 5 bar)

..... and something to play with:

Used golf balls (lake balls) ⇒ direct from the diver!

We would like to arrange contacts to offers regarding high quality used golf balls. This person is a very experienced hobby diver specialised in "harvesting" lost golf balls out of the lakes in golfyards. The lake balls will be cleaned manually and very carefully. Then they will be assorted in 3 categories: "AAA", "AA" and "A". They are of different prime labels.

"AAA" means nearly like new, "AA" very clean and "A" clean and ready to use. The pics. are showing lake balls of category "AAA".contact