Flow stoppers against gas, water, liquids, chemicals - for environment protection

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Flow stopper in sewage

Professional stoppers for tubing and canalization

1. Inflatable flow stoppers for environment protection and safety

This program is covering pipe stoppers and packers ranging from normal application until high-tech use in nuclear power plants and very stressing environmental conditions at offshore applications. A wide variety of liquid  media can be stopped: Gas, water, salty water, hydrocarbones, sewage water, chemicals, liquid manure, etc. The choice of shapes can be circular, ovoid, T-shape until 2.500 mm of dia. Delivery with or without bypass. Please use our questionnaire.

Please consider our special OTR 1000 manhole air test stopper, the only one to test all type of manholes.

2. Leak sealing system and inflatable taps

Leak sealings are designed to seal external leaks on pipes and tanks. Inflatable taps are preventing leakings to get into openings or into the canalizaton.

3. Flexible barrieres = anti pollution booms against oil- and chemical contamination, and drainage cores

The booms are stopping contamination liquids in creeks, pools, rivers and the sea. Drainage cores are channeling the liquids. They can be ballasted with water so they cannot be displaced by the flow of the liquid. Also they are following exactly the contours of the land.




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