Flexible tanks and flexible containers for volume capacities up to 600 m³

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Greentank for sewage water storage
Tank, lorry-container
Tank, Pick-up
Greentank, sewage water
Fueltank, hydrocarbons
Open vat, self supporting
Open vat, metal frame
Heli transport
Heli rolling tank
Heli rolling tank
Big fuel tank
Rolling tank
Fuel cell

Storage solutions for environment protection, construction, tunneling, rescue, agriculture, military

Flexible tanks for mobile or stationary storage of liquids

Suddenly occurring environmental problems with liquids, temporary storage necessities, difficult terrain, missing infrastructure, flexible transport: This is describing situations needing flexible tanks for an excellent problem solution. We can provide closed or open tanks, to be used for nearly all liquids and different transportation facilities. Applications either for public or military scope steadily are leading to new ideas and designs regarding shape, capacity and use. Small dimensions when supplied and giantic volumes in filled situation are big advantages in comparison to stationary tanks made of metal or plastics. There is a rich choice of accessories. The price-/performance-ratio is a very advantageous one. We can provide certificates of compatibility to liquids to be stored. Some descriptions in short are following:

Type Liquitank (watertank) L.S.E.: 1 m³ - 500 m³

The simple storage solution, quick to implement and attractive by cost reasons. For all waters and industrial liquid to be stored on Public Works support bases, water treatment works, villages and isolated camps. As the liquids never will be in contact with air, this enables the storage in complete safety. So you can store liquid manure, paints, latex, emulsions, fruit juice, etc. Water applications are:

• Drinking water • Water for fire protection • Salty water • Water for thermal town  • Agriculture farms • Hotels and camps • Water for environment protection, etc.

Type Liquitank L.C.I.: ISO 20' - 40', for lorry-container

This tank is suitable for all liquids to be transported in standard international containers of ISO-dimensions 20' - 40', or 10 - 40 m³. They can be re-used again. The advantages are:

• light weight • robust • foldable • to be reused • compact: 23 empty ones can be put into one 20' Container • UV-protected • no contact with air.

Type Greentank: 10 m³ - 500 m³

The Greentank brings the answer to sewage water storage needs: clarification sludge, liquid waste, industrial sewage water, liquid manure, etc. The material and special design are allowing the storage of sewage water with pH from 4 to 9. Special dimensions due to the requirements of the location can be manufactured.

Type Fueltank for storage of hydrocarbons: 1 m³ - 300 m³

Especially designed for hydrocarbons this tank can be used to store crude petroleum, oil, gasoline, jet fuel, etc. Certifications are ranging from national ones to international military standards. Low weight and high resistance against extreme climatic conditions are allowing the storage in deserts, high mountains, jungle, etc. Several hundred cubic meters of fuel can be stored immediately operational for drilling purpose, depots, mineral oil for transformers, chemical solutions, various emulsions, etc.

Open Tanks: 1 m³ - 20 m³

Rescue organisations like fire brigades, Red Cross, disaster control or others are using more often the flexible self supporting vats for drinking water or tanks with metal frame for liquids or powdery products. Both are very easy to be cleaned in case of pollution of the substance stored.

Wearable, rollable and foldable tanks; fuel cells

Tanks, which are highly advantageous in all cases of quick supply necessities under special conditions. Transportation by aircraft, helicopter, manually or on pickups. Used by military, industry, agriculture and rescue.

Vacuum vulcanized fuel cells are providing additional fuel tanks to aircrafts, helicopters, vehicles, boats, etc. They are available in self-sealing and/or crash-proof version.


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