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TRACO: Since 1979 - more than 40 years quality and reliability. Trust in our experience!
Certificates: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, CE, REACH depending on product groups

Air bags, lifting bags, air bellows, custom-made products, flexible tanks and more.

What is Flexible Air Technology?

Air bags, lifting bags or lifting cushions are flexible, inflatable combinations of high-strength elastomer fabrics and nitrile rubber compounds, mostly NBR or SBR, which are designed precisely for the particular application. When inflated by compressed air, they develop enormous forces of up to 85 t, e.g. as "HEAVY DUTY" lifting bags. Special materials can withstand temperatures of up to 140°C.

The industry uses compressed air cushions as short-stroke cushions, e.g. as single-acting pneumatic short-stroke cylinders in mechanical engineering. Their great advantage is the even surface pressure over the entire working surface of the cushion. Very small cushion thicknesses from 2.0 mm and large pressures at up to 8 bar working pressure - or more - guarantee design advantages. As a result, lower machine weights and dimensions lead to significant cost savings and easy handling.

Our complete programme consists of: "HEAVY DUTY" lifting bags, lifting cushions, shut-off bladders, flexible tanks, products for marine technology and special designs. These fulfil different tasks. In the field of engineering, our expertise enables us to propose the appropriate solution from our wide range in each case. All products are of the highest technically feasible quality level thanks to the most careful selection of materials and precise manufacturing technology.

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The product range: lifting bags, compressed air bags, flexible tanks etc.

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